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Thrive During Market Disruption & Industrial Revolutions

Boost Innovative Mindset in your team

Have an Engaged and Inspired Team


Understand what disruptions like Industry 4.0 and Covid19 mean for your industry. Build business resilience. Adapt quickly, Stay relevant and Thrive during Crisis, Chaos and Recessions.

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Cultivate the culture of innovative thinking in your team. Re-imagine your business model or even entire industry.Identify openings for innovation in a crowded marketplace.

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Have an engaged and inspired employees that perform optimally. Leverage on your team's diversity to gain competitive advantage through intentional inclusion.

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Kgadi Mmanakana

Kgadi is a Strategist and Keynote Speaker with incomparable entrepreneurial competence and market intelligence.She applies Design Thinking, Competitive Strategy and Business Model Innovation principles to counsel business leaders on how to keep their businesses competitive and teams on how to raise their human capital value in replaceable times of disruption.She has over 5 years of focused market observation, strategy consulting & entrepreneurship development, and 10 years in transformational speaking.

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